Isle of Jura

Ardnahoe opened 2019

This is about the long-held dream of a Scottish family who has been in the Scotch whisky industry for 3 generations. After being blenders and bottlers for such a long time, the Laing family takes pride to become distillers. Ardnahoe Distillery is scheduled to open early in 2018 and will become Islay’s ninth operational distillery – only the second one in Islay to start up in over 100 years. With a production capacity of just 500,000 litres of alcohol per annum, Ardnahoe will distill a classic peated style of Islay malt, using the finest barley and water from the depths of Loch Ardnahoe itself. 


UPDATE April 2019 … the distillery is now in production. The visitor centre and café are open for visitors and tours.